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Welcome to Cajun Mobility

Welcome to Cajun Country

When you think of Louisiana, from Bourbon Street to the Bayou, you immediately think of people with a zest for getting the most out of life.

Cajun wheelchairs has captured that spirit in the new USA family of power wheelchairs.

We at Cajun Mobility have combined the latest technology available to create the premier version of the all terrain wheelchair.

This 4x4 wheelchair will allow you access to places you’ve only dreamed about going. Sand, mud, snow and slippery surfaces are no match for the powerful Cajun wheelchair.

Both models include:

  • 5" ground clearance
  • Top speed of 6.2 MPH
  • In-line gear motors that are high speed, high torque, & high efficiency

Working with another USA company, Falcon Rehabilitation (Denver, CO) we can offer a number of seating options including power tilts and all of the hardware and gel accessories to insure proper protection and positioning.

The Cajun family of wheelchairs provides you with the ultimate experience in a hunting wheelchair. This 4x4 wheelchair provides not only an all terrain wheelchair but an indoor/outdoor wheelchair. Want to go to the beach? No problem with our 4x4 beach wheelchair!

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