Indoor Tires

Indoor Tires

$200.00* (set of 4)

Outdoor tires are included with the purchase of the chair but you also have the ability to put non-marking indoor tires on your chair.

Flat Proof – $150.00* (set of 4)

Run flat sealant allows our chair  to maintain mobility through the toughest terrain.

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Other Cajun Commando Accessories:

Additional Accessories:

  • 38 Degree Tilt Seat
  • Indoor Tires
  • Cup Holder
  • Light Package (2 lights)
  • USB Port
  • Swing Away Joystick
  • Sport Umbrella with 50 UV Protection
  • Rehab Seating
  • Adjustable Gun Rack
  • Rear Light Package
  • Custom Wrap
  • Thigh Plates
  • Waterproof/Lockable Storage Case


New Accessories:

  • Wheel Covers
  • Utility Hitch
  • Necessities Bag



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