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The Cajun Chair is manufactured in our factory located in Monroe, Louisiana, USA. We have used the latest technology to deliver the most advanced wheelchair on the market today. In addition we make every effort to use US suppliers of made in USA materials when available!


Our goal at Cajun Mobility is to manufacturer a product that enables people to remain active and maximize their independence.




The Cajun Commando 4x4” offers the ultimate in:

  • 4X4 wheelchair
  • Indoor/outdoor wheelchair
  • All Terrain wheelchair
  • Ultimate Beach wheelchair



Our Mission:

Our goat at Cajun Mobility is to provide our customers with a quality American made wheelchair at an affordable price.  Contact us today to see how we can help you -  Live the Live You Love!

Cajun Mobility Chair has been completely cleared by the FDA:


We are proud to have received FDA clearance! The FDA clearance is a long and complex series of testing designed to ensure the highest engineered standards. In order to realize our goal of mobility solutions, we started our design with the user in mind realizing there was a distinct need for innovation in the industry. FDA’s review is a uniquely thorough process which we undertook as we are completely committed to producing an American Made product that exceeds the needs and expectations of our clients.


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