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38 Degree Tilt



This tilt system allows you to take pressure off your lower back and legs.




Indoor Tires

$200.00* (set of 4)

Outdoor tires are included with the purchase of the chair but you also have the ability to put non-marking indoor tires on your chair.


Flat Proof - $150.00* (set of 4)

Run flat sealant allows our chair  to maintain mobility through the toughest terrain.

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The Camo Blind!



Now you can get back to in the field and take that trophy buck!

There's no doubt about it… hunting is more fun when you succeed, so our Blind is loaded with smart features that help tilt the odds in your favor. Our blind is custom fit to our chair and is easy to install.  It has been engineered to adjust to different heights and is portable. Realtree camo, front and side zipper windows, carry case included


Cup Holder



For an extra helping hand, our high impact durable plastic cup holders are designed for maximum usability while being adjustable to the drink size.

This adjustable drink holder holds a wide variety of beverage containers from large 3 5/8" diameter sport bottles down to small water bottles and aluminum cans.  Mounts under armrest with it's own mounting arm. A great add-on feature!

Lighting Package

$250* (pair)


Don't get left in the dark again! Our headlamps are an excellent safety feature providing valuable lighting especially important when entering poorly lit crossings, intersections or in parking lots. These lights not only help you see ahead, they provide visual cues for other pedestrians and other traffic too! Our energy efficient, 10watt (700 lumen) LED auxiliary off road lights allow for outdoor visibility anytime of the day.

USB Port



The USB port is easily accessible on the Cajun Commando and will allow you to charge multiple devices.


Swing Away Joystick



Our swing away joystick  allows you to maneuver closer to tables without having the controller in your way.



Removable Wire Basket



Our basket is available on our standard seat and gives the customer room to transport their personal belongings.





Removable Sports Umbrella



Stay in the shade under our 50+ UPF protection umbrella.  Choose between red or blue.






Rehab Seating


In addition to our different seating options we offer, Cajun Mobility can also provide special rehab seating to our customers.  Our rehab seating is available in several different sizes and be programed to our existing power controller.


Contact us for more information.




Adjustable Gun Rack  $175.00*


Our custom gun rack is constructed with heavy wall 11 gauge steel and then covered with a durable baked on powder coat.  The gun rack will accommodate many different size long guns and it is adjustable to fit your needs.  This accessory fits nicely with our camo hunting blind.


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Fishing Pole Attachment  $50.00*


A great addition to your chair! Out fishing pole attachment mounts to the footplate arm of the chair, is easily removable and pivots forward and backwards.


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Rear Light Package  $200.00*


Our rear light package is a great addition for the adventurers that wants to have extended time outdoors.  This light package attaches to our rear accessory pole and these lights are adjustable.

**Accessory pole required for mounting**


Contact us for more information.




Accessory Pole  $35.00*


This custom built mounting pole allows for many different accessory items to be added to your chair with ease.  It is customizable to fit your needs and is easy to install and remove.  This pole is constructed with heavy wall 11 gauge powder coated steel and is mounted to the frame of the chair so it is extremely durable.


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Custom Wrap  $250.00*


Our powder coated frame is wrapped in your choice including our new camo!


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Thigh Plates


Quick Release Thigh Plates.

Multiple sizes available to fit your specific needs!


Contact us for more information.




Waterproof/Lockable Storage Case $225*


Keep your valuables safe and secure in this waterproof and lockable storage case.  This case mounts to the accessory pole and can be easily removed or attached.


Contact us for more information.




Wheel Covers $75*


Add a set of wheel covers to your chair for a more custom look.  Available in two colors, chrome and black.


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Caster Wheels $300*


Turn your 4x4 chair into a chair you can bring indoors and make turns like a 2 wheel drive chair.  We recommend you accompany this accessory with a set of non-marking indoor tires.


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Utility Hitch $100*


Need to put your chair to work?  Add our utility hitch to the rear of your chair.  Pin and ball hitch all in one.


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Necessities Bag $35*


Take your personal belongings with you in our durable side bag.  This is a great place to put your phone, wallet, and other valuables while you are using your chair.


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